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Building trust relationships both locally and internationally to stimulate private sector-led and inclusive economic growth is a core element of the NIPDB’s mandate.

As such, we offer a wide range of exciting partnership opportunities to the Namibian and global business community, civil society and public actors in the spirit of promoting the Namibian nation brand, positively impacting the economy, and promoting multi-stakeholder collaboration. When you partner with NIPDB by funding events/initiatives or becoming a technical partner, you can:

  • Actively contribute to Namibia’s economic development by enhancing NIPDB’s impact in attracting local and foreign investment and developing MSMEs
  • Position your brand internationally through global presence and thought leadership
  • Engage with audiences in strategic markets
  • Benefit from our unique local and global network

Partnership Highlights

Partnership Opportunities

Events & Investment Promotion

The NIPDB hosts and participates in a wide range of national and global events to promote Namibia as a competitive destination to visit, live and invest. We welcome the support of partners to co-fund Namibia’s representation, provide thought leadership and scale our impact.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development

The promotion of local MSMEs is critical for the achievement of the NIPDB’s mission to unlock opportunities that enable a better quality of life for all Namibians. As such, we participate in and carry out a number of capacity building, market access, business advisory and ecosystem optimisation programmes. We invite support in varied forms from the Namibian business and civil community.

Technical Collaboration and Policy Development

The NIPDB engages in a wide range of projects and initiatives including the provision of investor facilitation, MSME capacity building services, management of the national brand, and skills development and policy advice for a more competitive Namibia and to improve the ease of doing business. As Namibia’s leading investment promotion agency, we value the opportunity to learn from global leaders on best practices and innovative approaches to unlock opportunities for Namibians through investment and local enterprise development. The NIPDB therefore welcomes technical or in-kind support from interested institutions along areas of mutual value.

Youth and Skills Development

The Talent, Innovation and Productivity (TIP) department at the NIPDB aims to ensure that Namibia possesses adequate and sufficient skills to accommodate new investment, especially in emerging sectors. TIP works closely with various educational institutions and training programs to develop initiatives that will enhance the skills of the local workforce, making the country an attractive destination for investors. Partnerships are welcome to scale the impact of initiatives.

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