Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board

Partnership Opportunities

Youth and Skills Development

The Talent, Innovation and Productivity (TIP) department at the NIPDB aims to ensure that Namibia possesses adequate and sufficient skills to accommodate new investment, especially in emerging sectors. TIP works closely with various educational institutions and training programs to develop initiatives that will enhance the skills of the local workforce, making the country an attractive destination for investors. Partnerships are welcome to scale the impact of initiatives.

Youth and skills development initiatives you can partner on:

German Apprenticeship Connect
Funding is needed to support German language training and relocation costs for young Namibians taking up Apprenticeship training in Germany.
Dual-training and Apprenticeships
Funding is needed to support opportunities for Namibians to participate in dual-training and apprenticeship programmes in various countries.
Legislative drafting
Funding is needed to support the capacity building for legislative drafting and reforms at the Ministry of Justice.
Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification
Funding is needed to support stakeholder engagements to identify critical skills in priority sectors, to support trade and economic diversification.

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