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This section outlines the investment opportunities in Namibia including the current priority sectors.

Our key sectors are abundantly filled with development opportunities awaiting investment. The areas of green hydrogen, renewable energy, oil and gas, chemical industry, sustainable tourism, transport and logistics and value addition opportunities.

Renewable Energy

Namibia is endowed with diverse indigenous energy sources, namely solar, wind and biodiversity. Namibia, thus, has the potential to become energy self-sufficient via renewables and could become a net exporter of power to the broader Southern African region with proper investment in the renewable industry.

Green Hydrogen

Due to her abundant sun, wind and vast open landscape, Namibia has a renewable energy production capacity of >250GW. This capacity is competitive on a global scale, making Namibia a leading low-cost green hydrogen producer and exporter at 1.5 USD/kg. This has the potential to meaningfully contribute to the global agenda of decarbonising the earth.

Metals, Mining & Adjacent Industries

With the new discovery of offshore oil as well as the recent discovery of more gold mines, the industry is at the cusp of massive growth which will only be furthered by increased investment. The mining sector includes all mining activities, including supporting activities, as well as the production and processing of various metals, sand, concrete and construction materials.

Oil & Gas

With a burgeoning industry given her known gas and recent discovery of oil deposits reported both onshore, in the north-eastern region of Kavango East and offshore, in the southern Orange Basin, Namibia is poised to become a major player in the oil and gas industry. The Government of the Republic of Namibia has pledged to provide all the necessary support to expedite the field development to achieve production by 2026.


Namibia is a net importer of fruits and vegetables with very limited processing done in the country and is the only country in Africa with market access for beef exports into North America and Europe. A lucrative market also exists for Namibian boer goat exports to South Africa and the Middle East. The country, therefore, presents a myriad of investment opportunities across the entire value chain of both the livestock and horticulture industries.


Namibia’s tourism industry remains unmatched, offering unique attractions, strong cultural heritage and well-managed, pristine land, but her potential remains largely untapped. Opportunities exist to invest within reimaging product diversification as development of top luxury accommodation, conferencing, cruise tourism as well as film tourism.

Transportation & Logistics

Through optimal trade agreements, Namibia is a key link between Africa, Europe, and the Americas. We boast two world class congestion-free ports that have recently undergone significant upgrades and a quality road infrastructure network that is ranked 2nd in Africa. The sector has always been lucrative and is expected to grow exponentially as both the local and regional economies grow and become even more interconnected

Chemicals & Basic Materials

Although Namibia is the largest producer of solar sea-salt in Sub Saharan Africa, it is one of the few destinations in the world without a sizable chemical plant at the point of primary input source. This presents an immense opportunity for a large-scale investment in a chemical plant by investors with a regional and global value chain, with access into the AfCFTA, EU, UK, USA, SADC and SACU markets supported by Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

Global Business Services

Namibia boasts a strong local business services sector, fuelled by the country’s sophisticated banking and financial systems. The three most promising enterprises are call centres, training centres and full business process outsourcing centres. Namibians are adept linguistically, speaking English as well as various local and international languages. The nation generally has a highly literate and educated population, with an especially vibrant, hardworking and trainable young generation.

Agriculture & Food Processing

-old- The production and processing of food, especially high value fruits & vegetables, meat & dairy products and beverages. Namibia already has very lucrative livestock and high value fruits (including grapes, dates and blueberries) industries, and the main exports are to Europe. All these industries are expected to grow substantially in the near future. Therefore, investment opportunities exist across the sector, particularly at primary level production. -new-

Machinery & Electronics

-old- The manufacturing of machinery & tools (especially in support of target sectors), pumps, engines, appliances & electronics, as well as the parts thereof. Although the sector is an infant industry in Namibia, the country boasts world class transport and logistics infrastructure that can facilitate the industry. Moreover, Namibia has a large educated and unemployed workforce; this, coupled with substantial national funding available for retraining can help facilitate the growth of the industry. Furthermore, the regional and international demand, especially in light of the new Africa Continental Free Trade Area and key international trade agreements, make Namibia’s machinery and electronics industry an attractive investment opportunity. -new- Namibia’s machinery and electronics industry is in fledgling stages at the moment, however due to numerous factors, Namibia is expected to be a crucial player in this industry in the coming years. Specifically, the machinery and electronics industry includes the manufacturing of machinery and tools (especially in support of other key sectors) namely, pumps, engines, appliances & electronics, as well as the parts thereof.

Current Investment Opportunities

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