Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board

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Join the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board if you are eager to change the Namibian landscape. We have a hard working, passionate and results-driven team of dynamic and diverse Namibians committed to serving the nation. The NIPDB strives to be an employer of choice and offers competitive remuneration and benefits to its employees. We are also committed to supporting you to develop your career and give you the right tools to be the best you can be.

Career Title

Career Title

Nation Branding

The NIPDB carries out a number of activities to cultivate a recognisable and favourable nation brand for the global community, in line with our mandate to promote Namibia as a destination to live, visit and invest. These efforts enhance the country’s appeal for local and foreign investment, boosting economic growth.

We welcome the support of a range of stakeholders to strengthen Namibia’s image and create value for Namibia through multimedia campaigns and strategic projects.

Nation branding initiatives you can sponsor:

April 2024
Business Day TV
The “Invest Namibia” Business Day TV Campaign seeks to highlight Namibia as an emerging and premier investment destination through a range of multimedia products, beginning with a 6-episode campaign. The series will showcase key industries poised to drive the local economy including mining, tourism, energy, aquaculture and manufacturing.
Brand Namibia
Namibia is embarking on its own nation branding journey (led by NIPDB) to strategically manage how both the local and international community perceive us and to place the Namibian opportunity favourably in the global ‘mental map’.

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