Walvis Bay Industrial Development Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the Government of Namibia looking for a single entity to fulfil all 3 scopes mentioned simultaneously? Or are the 3 scopes separate projects with different executing processes?

The Expression of Interest is seeking participants’ interest in the components collectively as a unit, or, should the Interested Parties’ core capabilities and experience be in a single or two project components, they are allowed to submit their interest in these component(s) only.

Q2. How will the evaluation criteria be applied to the bids received?

The projects will be evaluated separately even if it’s a joint submission.

Q3. Can the applicant replicate table 2 in the EOI for each of the components if you are bidding for each component individually?

Yes, if a particular part of the table is not relevant for the component you are interested in, you can ignore it and will not be penalized for it.

Q4. If a participant is bidding for two or more components together, will it be appropriate to complete the table for both and indicate the synergies of combining the components?

Yes, that is correct

Q5. Going to the next step(RFP), will it be possible to tender for all three projects separately?

That will be possible based on the outcome of the expression of interest.

Q6. Can the list of all the participants be shared with the participants?

No, this list cannot be shared.

Q7. Can participants receive more recent information on the Port Container Terminal volumes to identify trends and impact of Covid ?

Any updated information will be shared with participants by WIDI secretariat.

Q8. Will potential partnership with Namibian companies attract additional evaluation points?

Yes, this will be positively received. The EOI is testing how participants can contribute to Namibia.

Q9. Regarding the NSW, does NamPort have an existing trade portal offering digital services and if not, how is NamPort exchanging information with different handlers across the value chain?

At this point all systems are managed by the handlers in silos and there is very little integration. All integrations are mainly manual.

Q10. Will only the shortlisted participants be included in the RFP process?

Currently it is envisaged that only the shortlisted participants will be contacted for the RFP, however this is entirely up to the Government.

Q11. What is the source funding for the NSW?

This is currently not decided and will be addressed in the RFP.

Q12. On Page 9, Table 2, Section 2.2. The description and requirements are specified only for the SEZ project component. Are the requirements the same for the Container Terminal Operations and National Single Window component? If not, What are the requirements for each?

Please apply the requirements to each component to the extent possible. The objective is to not limit the participants and enable them to really showcase what can be achieved.

Q13. Some public information indicates that some of the industrial land behind Dune 7 has been purchased by Nakuumba and DP World for a proposed industrial park. Is this the same land that has been allocated for the WIDI project?

The Namibian Government, through Namibia Industrial Development Agency (component owner of SEZ), owns 400 hectare of land in Walvis Bay of which the 200 hectare has been earmarked for SEZ (WIDI) and an agreement was entered with Africuumba on remaining 200 hectares during 2019. Africuumba was only allocated a 200 ha portion from NIDA’s 400ha land, which is yet to be subdivided accordingly and registered with the Deeds Office.

Q14. Could you send us actual high level financial statements for the terminal facility (balance sheet and P&L) ?

The Financial Statements will be shared with the participants by the WIDI secretariat.

Q15. Will the concession be only for the container Terminal or entire Port?

It is for the container terminal only.

Q16. Can we get information regarding what the Container Terminal/Port requires so we can provide for it – like better MnR, or a different Method to operate etc.

The EOI is not prescriptive and participants should offer solutions and investments which their experience would enhance the operations of the terminal.

Q17. EOI requires additional employees requirements – will this be based on additional volumes and proportionate to the ratio basis international norms.

The additional requirements are within the scope of overall employment creation from the three projects and not necessarily for the terminal. Hence no additional employees are being prescribed for the terminal and that is left to the discretion/assessment of the operator at this stage.

Q18. Would the landlocked nations have a specific point for load/discharge – like a bulk or container Rail Depot or Rail Yard for handling trains?

The container terminal serves this purpose. It has a stacking yard including railway terminal

Q19. Is there scope to cater to Malawi?

Yes. Terminal already handles some cargo destined to and from Malawi, albeit in small volumes.

Q20. Do the existing Customs procedures support/facilitate the international moves or is there some hindrance enroute at the borders?

Yes they fully do

Q21. Do port authorities/terminal operators have any trade portals to offer digital services? If yes, please provide us the service details (such as: Vessel schedules, Load & discharge lists).

Namport does not have any trade portal capabilities at the moment. B2B interaction through UN /EDIFACT EDI System to System messaging between the Ports Authority and Container Shipping lines Planning (BAPLI) and Execution confirmation (CODECO and COARRI)

Q22. Do port authorities have any system to provide Marine services (such as: Pilots, Tug Boats, etc.)? Does the system have any integration capabilities?

Namport does not have a Port Information System where marine-related services can be ordered and executed from.

Q23. Do all terminals have an operating system (TOS) with integration capabilities? Please specify the TOS name.

Yes Container Terminal: NAVIS SPARCS N4 & General Cargo and Syncrolift: Logstar GENCare

Q24. Do Customs authorities have an internal system to process customs declarations with integration capabilities?

Customs implemented ASYCUDAworld as their computerized customs management system to handle most foreign trade procedures such as the handling of manifests and customs declarations.


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