VIDEO | 🇳🇦Namibia Renewable Energy Summit!

If you missed it watch the video here⬇️⏪

Yesterday we delved deep into Namibia's immense renewable energy potential during our Renewable Energy Business Summit.

Learn more about Namibia's renewable energy resources here:

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[LISTEN 🔊] Opening remarks at the Namibia Renewable Energy Business Summit, currently underway.

Namibia’s energy sector is premised on a diverse energy mix. In view of the critical role that energy plays in the country’s economy, @MME_Nam has developed the NIRP.

RENEWABLE ENERGY SUMMIT | Thank you for tuning into the Namibia Renewable Energy Summit at the @NamPavilion #DubaiExpo2020. If you would like to engage us on #RenewableEnergy, contact the NIPDB at

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ENERGY SUMMIT | Mr. Pinehas Mutota: Electricity Control Board (@ecbnam) on the Modified Single Buyer Market Rules.

The Modified Single Buyer framework, is a new market platform for the electricity industry in 🇳🇦 and it builds on the existing Single Buyer (SB) model.

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