Investor Registration

The NIPDB’s mandate is to promote, attract and retain both domestic and foreign investments. In addition, the Board will oversee the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) operations with the ambition to create and stimulate new ventures that will meaningfully contribute to Namibia’s economic development. The Board will also develop new investment strategies, explore synergies with the public and private sector in order to create a conducive investment environment in the country.

In an effort to best assist and serve foreign and domestic investors considering Namibia as an investment destination, the NIPDB collects a set of data from prospective and current investors for the purposes of statistical analysis, due diligence and service provision. Service provision and knowledge sharing to investors will be in the future subject to registration.

Current and New Domestic and Foreign Investors will be assessed on a score that will consider the following criteria:
1. Value of Namibia Dollars invested (total assets per balance sheet) or to be invested
2. Number of jobs created or to be created
3. Expected revenues
4. Ability to export and earn foreign currency
5. Impact on economic development of Namibia through development programs etc.
6. Scalability to meet the criteria within a given period of time.


Please complete this Google Form should you wish to register.

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