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Senior Consultant: Investment Analysis (Energy)

Job description for vacancy: Senior Consultant: Investment Analysis (Energy)

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Job Category: Specialist
Department: Investment & New Ventures
Division: Investment Analysis
Location: Windhoek
Position Type: Permanent
Immediate Manager: Manager: Investment Analysis
Subordinates: None


Job Purpose:
The purpose of the Investment Analysis Division is to maximise the number of potential investment opportunities (investment enquiries, connections, leads, opportunities and projects), ensure all opportunities are channelled correctly in the organisation and result in realised investment and reinvestment in Namibia. The Division is also responsible for providing specialist advice and support to investors and NIPDB teams in the delivering of projects and opportunities, in developing and to promote current opportunities the energy sector.

The purpose of the role Senior Consultant: Investment Analysis (Energy Sector) is to provide expert advice and insights on the energy sector to a wide range of stakeholders, including investors, internal NIPDB teams, other OMA’s and peers.

As an sectoral expert and analyst, the output from the role will be used to develop energy specific solutions for challenges in the sector affecting investor projects, sectoral development and affordability. The output from this role will in most cases be part of a wider coordinating role the Division plays in the development of energy projects or other energy-intensive investment projects.


Role and Responsibilities:

Promote Energy Sector: To support the Investment Facilitation Office and the Manager: Investment Analysis to promote the energy sector by:

- Highlighting and providing information about key opportunities in the broader energy space available to investors.
- Co-develop energy project propositions with the relevant OMA’s and regulators that are accurate, compliant and ready for promotion by the relevant team members in NIPDB.
- Co-develop and create identifiable routes to entry that are manageable, consistent and compliant with current regulation for investors into the energy market.

Research and Policy Initiatives: To support and proactively contribute through research and inputs to the NIPDB’s and the wider Government energy priorities:

- Remain fully informed about domestic and regional energy developments and associated policy areas. Be able to contribute to the NIPDB agenda and where representing the Board on various fora, to make impactful contributions.
- Be able to research, develop and contribute to solving challenges in existing and emerging energy sub-sectors, both practically and on policy level.
- To take part in and actively contribute in discussions that support deliverables for inter-Ministerial platforms, programmes and initiatives on behalf of the Board as directed.
- Conduct research projects and discover best practices as required with the view of fulfilling obligations on behalf of the Board.

Develop Solutions to Provide Affordable Electricity: To contribute towards developing commercial and industrial scale energy solutions by:

- Supporting prospective investors in accessing and securing affordable, sustainable energy supply for industrial and commercial projects.
- Liaising with and co-ordinating key OMA stakeholders to develop project specific energy solutions.
- Providing detailed analysis of energy rates, availability data, generation and transmission costs to support investor and Government business cases to provide energy incentives.
- Working proactively with independent power producers (IPP’s) to support investors and project owners to arrive at feasible supply solutions.

Focus on the Future of Energy: To support and contribute towards strategic and relevant energy projects; support and drive the development of key energy-project initiatives:

- In collaboration with the Investment Facilitation Office (IFO), analyse and monitor the state of potential private sector energy pipeline projects.
- Support NIPDB colleagues by providing relevant energy sector-related information, analysis and inputs to aiding the development of potential investment opportunities and projects or sectors which are energy-dependent.
- Liaise, cooperate and collaborate with relevant OMA’s and other partners in the identification of potential strategic projects that will aid Namibia’s strategic position in the region.
- Contribute towards developing feasible and attractive energy opportunities available to the open market.
- Advise other OMA’s on the development of sectoral strategy and drive coordination between various energy sectors and sub-sectors and commercial imperatives.
- Working with the respective national utilities and their national regulator to develop coherent and viable projects to support national ambitions and priorities.
- Collaborate with Investment and New Ventures Department colleagues to create sustainable sub-sectoral opportunities.
- Translate wholesale market and policy changes into strategic opportunities for Namibia.

General: To be able to contribute to the body of work in the Department in the following ways:

- The role includes carrying out data modelling and staying current on relevant issues and trends within the energy sector.
- Presenting forecasting reports, data, and information on trends in an easy to understand and useful format, as well as utilising the information gathered and knowledge of the industry to offer recommendations to the Board or its clients as needed.
- Responsible for undertaking various projects in the Board that may include energy efficiency consulting, demand-side project management, and energy auditing, as well as energy and related economic analysis.
- Ideal candidates will have a firm grasp of the energy production sector, be able to work with large data sets to develop and execute long-term Measurement and Verification (M&V) plans for evaluating energy performance and operations, measuring energy savings, and tracking project performance.
- Perform cost, output and performance benchmarking for energy projects and solutions. - Generate reports and market insight for the NIPDB or its stakeholders. - Responsible for evaluating the value and impact of various on-site energy assets such as storage, distributed generation, and efficiency
- Collaborate with the IFO to develop and maintain investor engagement materials regarding energy provision and support aids to model user costs.
- Provide news and content on energy market developments, with technical analysis of market trends to assist the Investments and New Ventures Department.


Qualification and Experience Requirements
- A relevant Engineering Degree with focus in the Energy sector
- Master’s Degree in Business Management, Economics or any area of the Energy sector.
- Basic statistical modelling will be necessary to be successful in this role.
- Strong knowledge and understanding of key business fundamentals.
- Strong knowledge and understanding of key national and economic development fundamentals.
- Proven understanding of Namibia’s energy ecosystem.
- A very strong understanding of sustainable and renewable energies is non-negotiable.
- Proven analytical and mathematical ability.
- Proven ability to meet with and understand stakeholder needs.
- Be able to meet short and rigid deadlines.
- Proven energy policy exposure with at least 2 years experience.
- A minimum of 5 years of experience in the broader field of energy.
- Experience or extensive knowledge in as many as possible of the following categories will be favourably considered:
Renewable Energy
Oil & Gas
Fuel Distribution
Synthetic Fuels
(Green) Hydrogen
Knowledge of Electricity Generation projects will be a distinct advantage


Preferred Skills:
- Ability to broadly assess and understand any energy projects and be able to constructively engage with investors and stakeholders.
- Ability to see how any business can fit into Namibia’s energy ecosystem
- Ability to promote an energy opportunity or solution to a potential investor or stakeholder
- Innovative problem solving skills
- Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
- Excellent interpersonal skills
- Strong project management and time management skills, including managing multiple concurrent tasks and complex assignments
- Ethical conduct and high integrity
- A good understanding of data privacy and confidentiality standards
- Superior ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with key stakeholders and investors


Closing Date: 11 March 2022 at 12h00

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and no documents will be returned.

Enquiries: recruitment@nipdb.com


- Candidates should ensure that all foreign qualifications are evaluated by the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA).
- Required documents for upload/attachment: CV (as one document in PDF Format) and Qualifications (as one document in PDF Format).
- There is no way to save a form and have a user return to it later without submitting it.


To apply for this position, please click here to complete the application form.

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